Early Childhood


Our Pre-K and Kinder program provides a full day curriculum that nurtures the hearts and minds of Saint Anthony's youngest learners. In our early childhood program within a Catholic Liberal Education framework, we strive to nurture each child's personal identity, fostering a deep sense of self rooted in compassion and respect for others. Through a curriculum that blends Catholic values with a liberal arts approach, we aim to cultivate healthy self-esteem and a growing awareness of social justice and human dignity.

We inspire each child with a love for learning and living, encouraging them to approach the world with curiosity and creativity. Our educational philosophy promotes active engagement in learning, where children are encouraged to think critically, engage their senses, and explore diverse perspectives. This holistic approach not only prepares them academically but also instills in them a sense of responsibility to contribute positively to their communities.

Through meaningful experiences and opportunities, children in our program develop a strong foundation in moral values, empathy, and a commitment to service. They learn to appreciate the interconnectedness of knowledge and faith, preparing them to navigate the complexities of the world with integrity and compassion.

In our early childhood program, we integrate elements from Memoria Press and Singapore Math into a nurturing environment grounded in Catholic values. Memoria Press enriches our curriculum with classical literature and language arts, fostering a love for reading and language development from a young age. Singapore Math provides a strong foundation in mathematical concepts through its rigorous and effective approach to problem-solving and critical thinking






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Pre k 4 Teacher

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Kindergarten Teacher

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