Mission, Vision and Philosophy

Mission Statement

St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School, located in the heart of historic downtown Beaumont, welcomes all children to become part of a Christ-centered, culturally diverse, and safe environment. The school provides holistic education in which students are held to high moral and academic standards while living their faith through community service and by developing a passion for social justice.

Vision Statement

St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School will be a living example of Catholic identity manifested through academic excellence, community service, and social justice, maintaining strong parent involvement and the warm, family-like atmosphere that is characteristic of our culturally diverse school. St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School students will be better people for having had a Catholic education in a Christ-centered environment and will make a positive difference in the world.


It is the belief of the entire St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School Community that it's primary purpose is to educate the whole child spiritually, academically, socially, and physically in a Christ-centered environment. The faculty and staff at St. Anthony encourage every student to become committed to Gospel values, obtain lifelong learning skills, and understand the strengths of their own heritage while experiencing the richness of other cultures and nations. Students gain skill and knowledge that will prepare the1n for a successful future in global society, as well as a passion for community service and social justice. Students at St. Anthony are embraced for their uniqueness and the diversity they create as a student body. As a Catholic family, our students learn the teachings of Jesus Christ, that each individual is created for a purpose within the family of Christ, that each is a free person who must discern right from wrong, and that each is called to help the proliferation of justice among God's people. As educators, the staff at St. Anthony pursues with passion the fulfillment of their calling to teach each student in traditional studies and in the joy living a life committed to Christ.