At St. Anthony's Cathedral Basilica School, we uphold a Catholic Liberal Education that goes beyond mere compliance with academic standards. Our elementary curriculum not only meets and exceeds the rigorous requirements of the State of Texas and TCCED but is also deeply rooted in Catholic teachings that permeate every subject area.

We educate the whole child—intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually—ensuring each student receives a developmentally appropriate and challenging curriculum. Our approach nurtures a love for learning and a deep understanding of faith, fostering an environment where children thrive academically and spiritually.

Our program integrates Singapore Math for rigorous mathematical foundations, Memoria Press for classical literature and language arts, Foss science for hands-on scientific exploration, and Classical Academic Press for a deep dive into classical languages and humanities.


Susan Lavergne

ELA grades 1-4

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Emily Harkins

Math and Science grades 1-4

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Kerri Bartee

Theology grades 1-5

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Ruby Meza

Aide grades 1-4

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