Middle School


Welcome to our middle school, where a Catholic Liberal Education forms the cornerstone of our curriculum. We blend the timeless traditions of Catholicism with a robust liberal arts program that prioritizes critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and a profound appreciation for human dignity and social justice.

Here, students embark on a journey of discovery, exploring diverse perspectives and engaging in meaningful dialogue that broadens their understanding of the world. We emphasize the importance of community service and instill a deep sense of responsibility towards others and the environment.

Our holistic approach nurtures both intellectual growth and spiritual development, equipping students with the skills and values they need to make positive contributions to society. With compassion, tolerance, and respect as guiding principles, our middle school prepares students to navigate the complexities of the modern world with empathy and integrity.

Our program integrates Singapore Math for rigorous mathematical foundations, Memoria Press for classical literature and language arts, Foss science for hands-on scientific exploration, and Classical Academic Press for a deep dive into classical languages and humanities.


Kerri Bartee

Theology grade 7

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Belinda Lewis

ELA grades 5-8

Theology grades 6&8

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David Snyder

Math and Science grades 5-8 Email Mr. Snyder


Tammy Hentrich

Aide grades 5-8 Email Mrs. Hentrich