Middle School


" The curriculum at St. Anthony meets and exceeds what is required by the state of Texas. We comply with the TCCED which sets weekly time allotments for each subject and requires that we follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). In addition, we teach Catholic religion (not restricted to religion class), citizenship, core essential values and character traits, social justice, conservation, and economics. We believe in excellently preparing students not only for high school, but giving them a solid foundation for the rest of their lives.

Each student receives instruction in religion, language arts, math, social studies, technology, physical education, art, music, and Spanish. Students also have the opportunity to participate in dramatic performances throughout the year. We want students to be lifelong learners. Just as in any industry, ideas and methods of best practices change, and we, as faculty, participate in conferences and professional development to be considered educators that are practicing current methods, reaching the “21st century” child, and challenging students to think and perform at the upper levels of Blooms Taxonomy.

Our teachers love our kids and it shows! The community at St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School is a wonderful place for your child to grow. Once you enter our doors, you and your child will feel the warmth of the staff, faculty, and students. We are proud of the students that come through our doors. The values that we help you impart can be confirmed by simply walking into a classroom or down the hall. Please come and decide for yourself! "


Ashley Davis

6th - 8th Math and Science

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Shalon Guidry

4th - 8th Social Studies & Enrichment

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